-EM- and Cat come join the fun!

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EM and Cat are coming to Houston July 18th to teach for the day.

They are both AMAZING and extremely talented. Check their profile for more pictures of their work.

https://fetlife.com/events/352047 <-- Establishing Control and Dominance With Rope
https://fetlife.com/events/352049 <-- Master Class
https://fetlife.com/events/352052 <-- Cats bottoming class
https://fetlife.com/events/352058 <-- Photography
https://fetlife.com/events/352056 <-- Photography Pt 2
https://fetlife.com/events/352059 <-- BIGHT Party at RavsDen starring -EM- and Cat

Summary :

Establishing Control and Dominance With Rope
9:00 -10:30
Location: HEAT
Cost: $20
Description: This class will be a hands on class on establishing a rope scene based on your control and dominance over the rope bottom. -EM- will be teaching with cat as his bottom. Please go check out -EM-'s work. His scenes are unique, surreal, elegant, and usually sadistic as fuck. This will not be a class to miss.
PreReqs: ability to tie a TK (Takate Kote)

Master Class
11:00 - 1:00
Location: HEAT
Cost: $20
Description: This class will not be about learning a specific tie or following a teacher. In this class, you will tie something you enjoy tying or something you have been working on and -EM- and cat will walk around and CRITIQUE your work and tell you how to improve it. This class is not about egos or competition. It is about improving your own work through critique
PreReqs: a partner and the willingness to have your work critiqued in front of your peers.

2:00 - 3:30 : Cats bottoming class
Location: Rav's Den
Cost: $15
Description: This will be a demo/lecture on bottoming from Cat. She is a highly capable bottom and has a lot to share and teach. Bottom or top, this class will probably have you leaving with some new tricks, perspectives, or ideas.
PreReqs: none

Location: Rav's Den
Cost: $15
Description: This class will go over Photography. -EM- practically has his own reserved spot on K&P for his photos. His photography is breathtaking, very much shows off his style and also DO-ABLE. In this first part of the class, -EM- will teach some basics on photography and demo his technique and application for how he gets his shots. This will surely be a class to learn some new tricks and get the most out of your photography for beginners or experts.
PreReqs: None

Photography Pt 2
Location: Rav's Den
Cost: $25
Description: This will be a MUCH smaller class. Space will be very limited for this class as it will be very hands on with your camera. -EM- will be going much further in depth into shooting and will provide a scene with his bottom, cat, that will allow students to test out the skills he has been teaching/ get feedback on how to better your shots. This will be a very hands on process that takes you from beginning to end of pulling off amazing pictures. I highly recommend looking at some of the work from the last time he ran this class when DomWithLens and SarifkaMorgan for examples of what this class will be like.
PreReqs: A DSLR camera and the knowledge on how to adjust their settings in manual mode (aka shutter speed, ISO, etc)

BIGHT Party at RavsDen starring -EM- and Cat
Time: 9pm --> till some time
Cost: $20
Performance by -EM- and cat at 10pm
Come hang out and play around with rope. Show off some new stuff you have learned, mingle with friends, meet -EM- and cat, or look at them out of the corner of your eye from afar. Come join us and have a good time. Bring a good attitude and $20 for a great night and what is sure to be an unforgettable performance.

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