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BIGHT stands for Bondage in Greater Houston Texas
We are an ongoing group promoting rope bondage classes, events, friends and education. Shibari,Kinbaku, Semenawa, Western, and more!
BIGHT (noun)
1. any section of rope that is bent into a U-shape
    An ongoing group to express rope.
    Bringing knowledge and reverence for rope to the Greater Houston area.
    Help people discover “when rope”, “where rope” and “why rope”.
We usually reccomend that people start by coming to one of our "munches". We typically host a munch on the the second Wednesday of each month from 7PM - 9PM. Check our events page for an upcoming Munch here
Not sure what a munch is? read the next question!
A munch is a low-pressure, social gathering at a restaurant or pub for people into BDSM. Particularly intended for people new to the scene who might be intimidated by a play party. These are perfect events for the newcomer whos afraid to go to anything too intense, or just wants to meet some cool people. We talk, discuss, eat, and laugh. We host a munch on the the second Wednesday of each month from 7PM - 9PM. Check our events page for an upcoming Munch here
After you register for this site, your info will be sent to both of BIGHT's leaders (Knot2nice and ShatteredPulse). They will review each members submission and vote to accept members who they recognize and feel comfortable around. Once both members accept you, you will automatically be upgraded to an official BIGHT member. You should also recieve an email notifying you of your membership change.
BIGHT members have access to sign up for events, see private info such as event locatons, have the ability to vouch for other non members, and can recieve discounts on BIGHT events.
There are a ton of kinds of ropes! They come in different colors, textures, materials, lengths, costs, etc. Heres a few of our favorite suppliers though:

Disclaimer: We do NOT support/take kickbacks, or endorse any of these makers. This is simply a list of popular products

The rope scene is currently in flux so please feel free to message us privately for up to date info. Hopefully we will update this sooner rather than later.


We Always strive to do our best to include EVERYONE. Times change and we are human so if you see anything on our site, or hear anything we say that does not seem inclusive, PLEASE message us privately and let us know so we can make changes/do better going forward.
We will always try our best to keep your private info safe on this site...that being said...it is a website and I am a 25 year old kid programming this in my bed at 2am on a work night! Dont put anything on this site that you REALLY wanna keep a secret. We will try our best, but hell, we are not perfect. We claim no responsibility if any info from this website gets leaked or stolen at any time.